“I Just Felt Like Running”

In the movie Forrest Gump we follow the main character of the same name throughout his extraordinary life. At one point he feels like running. So he does just that; For three years. There’s no motive behind it, he just felt like running.

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It’s Just Running

In this five-minute video by Salomon we follow two trail running athletes competing in the Buffalo Stampede, a 72km race. Enjoy!


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Running Wild – Cody Callon

In this video we get some insight in to the state of mind that Cody Callon achieves when running trails and long distances.


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City Running – Paris

In this weeks installment of City Sunday we take a look at what it’s like to run in the beautiful city that is Paris!
Some parts of the video are in French so I would recommend turning on subtitles,


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The Mind of a Runner

In this video we get a great insight in to the mind of a runner and what goes through his head mentally when pushing himself to the limits.


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How far would you make it in the Barkley 100?

The Barkley 100, or “The Race That Eats Its Young”, is a brutal 100 mile race. There are no trails, you are only given a map and a compass. It’s not a race against the other competitors or against time – It’s a race made to see how far you can push yourself. As of today only 15 runners have ever finished.

Following is an excerpt from Wikipedia about how the idea for the race came to fruition:
“The Barkley course was designed by Gary “Lazarus Lake” Cantrell. His idea for the race was inspired upon hearing about the 1977 escape of James Earl Ray, the assassin of Martin Luther King, Jr, from nearby Brushy Mountain State Penitentiary. Ray covered only 8 miles (13 km) after running 55 hours in the woods. Cantrell said to himself, “I could do at least 100 miles”, mocking Ray’s low mileage. Thus, the Barkley Marathons was born.”


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Run by Rebels – A different approach to the running culture

Running doesn’t always have to be an individual journey about fitness and racing. In this ad by Nike, we see Seoul’s Private Road Running Club (PRRC), a collective focused on urban culture and having fun, and using the act of running as a reason to meet up.


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The Ultimate Running Machine

John Pierre was left with a traumatic brain injury after he was brutally mugged by a group of people in 1999.
Instead of letting this stop him from living his life to the fullest, he found something to keep him occupied and happy – Running.


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What it Takes to Run the Gnarliest Race in the World

A few days ago we featured a video of Ryan Sandes running through the mountains of South Africa. Todays’ video is all about him and his inspirational journey to the 2017 Western States 100, or as some like to call it, “The Gnarliest Race in the World”.
It might be incredibly tough but there’s one other race that might deserve the title of the worlds gnarliest race just as much. Stay tuned this week to find out which one!


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Who Said Girls Can’t Race?

In this ad by Adidas Running we see a team of women from Berlin, all talking about their individual journeys towards their first full marathon. There are a few more episodes of #TAKECHARGE on the Adidas Running YouTube page, as well as a full documentary focusing on the team featured in this episode that I highly recommend everyone to watch!


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City Running – San Francisco

As of today Runner’s Voice is starting a recurring series of city running. Every Sunday we will feature a video featuring running through different cities. To start us off we have a beautiful video of San Francisco. Enjoy!


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Nike Korea – Just Do It

In 2015 Nike Korea released this ad about giving up – and why you shouldn’t do it.
What do you do to stay motivated on those days where nothing seems to be going your way?
Don’t forget to turn on subtitles!


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Running in the mountains of South Africa

Redbull have released a video in their “Raw 100” series, showcasing 100 seconds of breathtaking trail running through the beautiful scenery of the South African mountains. The runner in the video is none other than Ryan Sandes who recently won the 2017 Western States 100, a brutal 100-mile race through California.


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How to Trailrun – New Series by Salomon

The weather is getting colder, the days are getting shorter and depending on where you live there might be some snow heading your way.

So how do you prepare for the upcoming winter months?
Luckily, Salomon have released a new season of “How to Trailrun” all about running in colder climates.


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My Addiction

If you’re active on YouTube, you’ve probably heard of the powerhouse of a person that is Casey Neistat.

Although he’s constantly traveling the world and going on all types of adventures, one thing that always remains constant throughout all of his videos (and as it seems, his life) is his morning run.


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New Editor for Runner’s Voice

As of this week you will start to see posts to this site signed with a new name.
My name is Lukas Grundberg and I am the new editor for Runner’s Voice.
Although I’m new to the site, the content will stay the same: Quality videos about running, for runners.

I would like to encourage all readers to come with recommendations for content that you think should be featured.

/Lukas Grundberg
The newest addition to the Runner’s Voice Team.

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Stockholm Marathon

Wow, if you watch this film. You will probably want to run in Stockholm, Sweden. Enjoy! /fredrik

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Sthlm Trail run

Yesterday I run my first race this year! It was a 10k trail race in Stockholm, Sweden. I was challanged by my friend, but he was gong the 5K race, so instead racing together we were measuring our average kilometer time.

It was great running in a race again, this race is one of four races in the Stockholm Challenge.

Founder of Runner’s Voice!

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Hill training!

I got some nice training in the eastern holiday, some longer runs in the woods, and also some faster ones. One of my favorite is short hills, its not complicated and not so much lactic acid. But I get in good running shape, faster and stronger. Join me!

//fredrik stattin
founder of Runner*s Voice

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The Impossible Run

This is a brand new project where the blind boy Oscar, 18 years old from Sweden, for the first time, have been able to sprint run without a running guide with him. It’s really heartwarming how cutting edge technology can help human beings to reclaim the right to have an active life.


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