Stockholm Marathon

Wow, if you watch this film. You will probably want to run in Stockholm, Sweden. Enjoy! /fredrik

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Sthlm Trail run

Yesterday I run my first race this year! It was a 10k trail race in Stockholm, Sweden. I was challanged by my friend, but he was gong the 5K race, so instead racing together we were measuring our average kilometer time.

It was great running in a race again, this race is one of four races in the Stockholm Challenge.

Founder of Runner’s Voice!

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Hill training!

I got some nice training in the eastern holiday, some longer runs in the woods, and also some faster ones. One of my favorite is short hills, its not complicated and not so much lactic acid. But I get in good running shape, faster and stronger. Join me!

//fredrik stattin
founder of Runner*s Voice

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The Impossible Run

This is a brand new project where the blind boy Oscar, 18 years old from Sweden, for the first time, have been able to sprint run without a running guide with him. It’s really heartwarming how cutting edge technology can help human beings to reclaim the right to have an active life.


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Scared of my run

Fredrik_Stattin_Runners_VoiceActually I was really frightened of my idea today. My brain wanted to run a test race, to see at what level I am on. But my body was not as sure as my brain. Under the last year I have not focus on running, it has been on my work. So, now when I want to get in shape the best way to do it is to do a test race.
I have a really nice trail near to my house outside Stockholm, Sweden. So I ran it, 3,7 K at 18:56 min. A pace 5’02 min/Km. I’m not a fast runner, my PB on half marathon is 1h 45min, but I feel confident with this time. If I use McMillan Running Calculator it says that I would run 10K on 53 min.
I did not thing I was in this good shape, so now I am full of energy to train on a 10K program. Aiming for a race this spring.

I always feel great after a run, even after a bad one, but to day it was a great one!

//fredrik stattin

Founder of Runner’s Voice

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New season with Salomon TV

Now Salomon is releasing their new season of running TV, watch their amazing films. I will. Here is a trailer for the season.
/fredrik stattin

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The Hardrock 100

Get inspired of the Hardrock 100 Mile Endurance Run in the San Juan Mountains of Colorado! The longest race I have made is 65K, over 4 mountains, but this is much harder //fredrik

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What’s Your One Thing?

Today we’re pushing another great Youtube channel for running inspiration – Billy Yang Films. He makes beautiful films of races from all over the world.

However, this particular one isn’t really so much about running as it is an inspirational film about life! A true piece of art!

(And yes it’s a New Year’s themed film looking back at 2016 and forward to 2017, so we’re a little late to the party, but at the same time we’re also suddenly feeling a little more optimistic about the remaining months!)

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Runner’s Voice

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Running the Canadian Winter Wonderland

If you haven’t already checked out the Youtube channel Brice Ferre Studio you should head over there right away! He has made som very nice running videos lately.

This one is a portait of Costa Rica/Canada based trail ultra runner and nurse Hailey Van Dyk. Over here in Sweden winter seems to be over now (well, almost over – it’s snowing today!), but we almost wish it back after seeing this video!

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Become a Runner’s Voice Correspondent!

Runner’s Voice is growing and we will soon be expanding to create our own content. Join us and help us cover running events from all over the world!

We are looking for video correspondents from all continents, who are passionate about running and meeting people from the running community and who want to film running events, races or just everyday training.

Together we will build and international online hub for everything running!

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Mt. Marathon – Salomon Running TV

Salomon Running TV always brings great episodes of unique races. This one is about a 5K race that feels like a regular marathon! A really beautifully produced piece of television.

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The Youtuber HowardFreeman Motivation put this adrenaline-pumping video together from different commercials and race videos.

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Trails of The Carpathians

The Retezat SkyRace Intersport is a 28K race along the peaks of the Carpathians of southwestern Romania, climbing as heigh as 2457 meters above sea level. The next race will take place in June.

It shure looks hard – and very tempting.

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Bad run!

I am going to fill in our nice videos in this blog with my personal training.

So, I’m going to share a strange thing. Last evening I went out for a run and I have a route that is 10K, but yesterday my GPS showed 12,5K on the same run. It felt like 12,5K also so now I am confused. Maybe the earth has been stretched??? Ha ha, what I do know is that it was very heavy breathing. Not a good run, but as always very nice back home.

I saw on twitter a very funny app that I can recommend:


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All In – Finishing The North Face Endurance Challenge San Francisco 50 Mile

Zach Miller truly goes all in in this video of his final two minutes of The North Face Endurance Challenge. We all recognize the sensation of getting closer to the finishing line, but this video takes it to another level!

And the camera man Jamil Coury does a pretty good job of keeping up!

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Running up Tower Ridge, Ben Nevis

Some breathtaking aerials here. Don’t watch if you’re afraid of heights!

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Transgrancanaria 2016

Yearning for some travelling this spring!

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Spirit of the Marathon

It’s a new year with new races coming up! Looking for some motivation for this year’s Marathon race/races? Here’s some!



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Hilary Matheson – An Ultra Trail Runner Portrait

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