Meet Helena Smento

On the picture: Me to the left and my best friend to the right. After a track session.

Hello fellow readers!

I am glad that you are reading this specific post, either you have been following Runner’s voice for a time or you just found this page and got interested. If you have been here for a while you might see that the website don’t look like it used to. But that is just fine because we want to evolve and expand this great idea about inspiration for runners, by runners. By renewing this site I think we can grow together, all of us. Are you with me?

I am a new name to this site, and i’m called Helena Smento. I hope to contribute and share ideas of what running means to you who are watching. Please feel free to contact me at helena@nordiskdrama.com if you have any questions, thoughts or if you just want to say hey.

Hope to see you soon again!



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