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What’s Your One Thing?

Today we’re pushing another great Youtube channel for running inspiration – Billy Yang Films. He makes beautiful films of races from all over the world. However, this particular one isn’t really so much about running as it is an inspirational … Continue reading

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Running the Canadian Winter Wonderland

If you haven’t already checked out the Youtube channel Brice Ferre Studio you should head over there right away! He has made som very nice running videos lately. This one is a portait of Costa Rica/Canada based trail ultra runner and nurse … Continue reading

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A Life On The Road

Got 18 minutes to spare? Watch this Salomon TV Special about Rickey Gates, who has spent the last ten years on the road, dedicating his life to traveling and running. … or, if you don’t have 18 minutes, jump straight … Continue reading

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Movement As The Essence of Life – Why We Run

“Running is all about movement and it’s extreme movement. I think that makes it very meaningful because movement is really the essence of life” Do you agree? One of the better clips from Salomon Running TV, a channel you definitely should … Continue reading

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The Runners

This is from a few years back, but still brilliant. Watch if you haven’t already! A group of ordinary people in Britain are interviewed about life while running. Inspirational in so many ways! /Filip

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