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Nike Korea – Just Do It

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In 2015 Nike Korea released this ad about giving up – and why you shouldn’t do it.
What do you do to stay motivated on those days where nothing seems to be going your way?
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Hill training!

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I got some nice training in the eastern holiday, some longer runs in the woods, and also some faster ones. One of my favorite is short hills, its not complicated and not so much lactic acid. But I get in good running shape, faster and stronger. Join me!

//fredrik stattin
founder of Runner*s Voice

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Scared of my run

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Fredrik_Stattin_Runners_VoiceActually I was really frightened of my idea today. My brain wanted to run a test race, to see at what level I am on. But my body was not as sure as my brain. Under the last year I have not focus on running, it has been on my work. So, now when I want to get in shape the best way to do it is to do a test race.
I have a really nice trail near to my house outside Stockholm, Sweden. So I ran it, 3,7 K at 18:56 min. A pace 5’02 min/Km. I’m not a fast runner, my PB on half marathon is 1h 45min, but I feel confident with this time. If I use McMillan Running Calculator it says that I would run 10K on 53 min.
I did not thing I was in this good shape, so now I am full of energy to train on a 10K program. Aiming for a race this spring.

I always feel great after a run, even after a bad one, but to day it was a great one!

//fredrik stattin

Founder of Runner’s Voice


Bad run!

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I am going to fill in our nice videos in this blog with my personal training.

So, I’m going to share a strange thing. Last evening I went out for a run and I have a route that is 10K, but yesterday my GPS showed 12,5K on the same run. It felt like 12,5K also so now I am confused. Maybe the earth has been stretched??? Ha ha, what I do know is that it was very heavy breathing. Not a good run, but as always very nice back home.

I saw on twitter a very funny app that I can recommend: